How I Got Over My Anxiety

053 225x300 How I Got Over My AnxietyI’m Elizabeth and I’m the owner of this website. The picture on the right is me now. I want to share with you how I got over Anxiety and I hope you can too!!

Here is my story about how I dealt with anxiety and got over it. Most people who know me, know me as a very positive almost sickeningly happy person. I even get asked “Why are you always so happy”? Seriously, people ask me that. LOL!

But I wasn’t always this happy. I had some serious issues with anxiety from feeling like I couldn’t control my emotions and just losing it right in front of my co-workers and in public places. I felt like I was going to have a complete breakdown!!

It was mostly over feelings of being abandoned (from my childhood) and money problems that have lasted a lifetime but that is a long story. What happened when I experienced anxiety was that I couldn’t sleep, I would sweat uncontrollably, I would cry and when I say cry I mean that deep uncontrollable cry that you can’t stop, I felt as though I had no control of my emotions and my life. I felt like I was going to lose my mind.

I would pace back and forth and worry, I would think of ways to just leave and move to another country and start a brand new life and never come back. I was deeply depressed and had panic attacks almost every day.

It was horrible. I hated feeling that way and wanted to stop those feelings. I knew that If I just changed the way I did things and I looked at my life and actually took action and trying to change things that I would get better.

So I found a program that worked. It’s called Panic Away. It is what made the difference for me. I wanted to share this with others so that maybe they can get better too.

If you want to find out more about this wonderful program, I suggest checking it out. Click on the link below to see what it can do for you.

Click Here To Got To The Panic Away Site!